Monday, April 04, 2022

16 year old boy killed by aunt for stealing

 Andile Mthembu was arrested for allegedly killing her 16-year-old nephew. 

According North Gauteng  spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana, the 36 year old woman appeared in the Tsakane District Court, accused of beating her nephew to death.

“Mthembu is facing charges of murder and defeating the ends of justice. It is alleged that on 22 March 2022, Mthembu killed her 16-year-old nephew by assaulting him with a stick and forced her 14-year-old son to hold the deceased down while being assaulted to death,” said Mahanjana.

In court, Mthembu confessed in front of a Magistrate that she committed the crime after her nephew admitted to stealing her money.

She was arrested on Friday after her son sent pictures of the gruesome incident to his relative in KwaZulu- Natal who informed the police. The accussed also pointed out to the backyard of her home where she had buried the body of the deceased. The matter was postponed to 12 April 2022 for further investigation and to be transferred to the regional court.

Earlier on Monday, acting provincial commissioner of police in Gauteng, Major General Girly Mbele, condemned the incident in which the aunt has bailed on her bail application.

images: thestreetjournal

by Everngelista Muza

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