WC traffic authorities prepared for Easter weekend

With the Easter long weekend steadily approaching, traffic authorities are bracing themselves for a busy few days. Most people will be on the road enjoying their holiday.

However, in many cases, their holiday plans turn to tragedy through recklessness and negligence on the roads. Each year authorities try to increase efforts to reduce road casualties and accidents.

Source: The Western Cape

This Easter weekend, they've vowed to go give harsher penalties to those who break the rules of the road.

In the Western Cape, the provincial transport department will be launching what it calls its "focused" traffic safety campaign. This campaign will increase the number of traffic officers operating roadblocks and speed traps. Operations have already started.

Across the province, there were 216 roadblocks and vehicle checkpoints this past week.

More than 160 speeding offences were recorded and over 6,500 fines issued for various violations.

By Danielle Mentoor



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