Eskom to implement stage 2 load shedding from 5p.m, CoCT to implement stage 1 from 6p.m

Eskom has announced that stage two load shedding will be implemented from 17:00 on Tuesday, due to, what it says, ‘’the continued shortage of generation capacity.’’

The ailing power utility implemented stage 2 load shedding on Monday evening and suspended it by Tuesday morning.

In a statement, the parastatal said that unit 5 of Medupi Power Station returned to service during the night. It added that three generating units at the Camden Power Station tripped during the night, contributing to the current shortage of capacity.

“Eskom would like to inform the public that this constrained power supply will persist throughout the week, with the possibility that more load shedding is likely to be implemented should the generation capacity deteriorate further,’’ it said in a statement.

“We are managing the emergency generation reserves to limit the stage of load shedding. The overnight load shedding will be used to replenish the dam levels at the power storage power stations in preparation for the rest of the week,” the power supplier said.

The load shedding will be suspended at 5am on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town says it will only implement load shedding from 6p.m, with a stage lower, at stage 1. It then take a reprieve from 20:00 – 22:00, thereafter it will load shed on Stage 2 until 5a.m on Wednesday.


PICTURE: Pixabay

Done By: Mitchum George


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