Saturday, June 30, 2012

Commuters resort to knives for protection

Lauren Snyders
30 June 2012

It has emerged that commuters have resorted to carrying knives to protect themselves when travelling by train.

Metrorail’s Mthuthuzeli Swartz said if it is what is happening then commuters cannot do that.

He added that it would cause an escalation of violence.

Swartz said the police need to be given information on instances that happened.

Metrorail has deployed additional security on trains.

Swartz said if there are any points that they have not covered, they need to be told about it.

He has personally been on a train with security guards to inspect that they are working on evening trains.

Swartz has observed what happens on trains.

He said fortunately during the times he was there, because of the visibility of the police and security guards, they have not had instances of crime.

He believes the incidents will continue to happen sporadically.

Despite Metrorail’s best intentions to stop crime from happening on trains, it will happen from time to time.



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