Thursday, June 28, 2012

Protest against Israeli deportation and product mislabelling

Florentia Roman
28 June 2012

Asylum seekers and South African activists along with civil society organisations joined in a protest organised by PASSOP, Kairos Southern Africa and BDS South Africa earlier today.

The protest took place outside of the Provincial Legislature to raise awareness of the recent outbreaks of xenophobic violence in Israel.

Palestine Solidarity Group’s, Terry Crawford-Browne, said that Israeli governments have transferred over 700 000 illegal settlers “beyond the green line.” The purpose is to steal Palestinian land and water, and to make life for Palestinians that they emigrate. Administrative detention without trail for Palestinians as young as 12 years of age is common practice.

War profiteering by international and Israeli corporations and banks has been extensively documented by “Who Profits?” and other Israeli peace coalitions. Such war profiteering include the misrepresentation of products made in Palestine as products made in Israel, violates international labeling regulations.

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine also confirmed in Cape Town in November 2011 that Israeli government behaviour towards Palestinians, meets the legal criteria of the International Convention Against Apartheid as a crime against humanity.

The Representatives gave their reasons for condemning the actions of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP). They highlighted the issue on Trade and Industries Minister Rob Davies decision to re-label goods coming from the Occupied Palestinian Territories, a move that will enforce a distinction in product labelling between Israeli products and Palestian products.

Bruce Baigrie, Coordinator for Open Shuhada Street South Africa said that South Africans can help by signing up for the petition on their website and learn how to ensure they don’t buy mislabelled Israeli products.

You can sign the petition at:



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