Thursday, September 09, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine reduces hospitalization and death - Dr. Saadiq Karriem

The Western Cape Department of Health presented an overview of the effectiveness of vaccines when it comes to reducing hospitalization and death, this past week.

The Department used comprehensive data of cases diagnosed with COVID-19 in those over 60 years during the week of 14 – 20 August when the Western Cape was in its peak of the third wave of COVID-19 infections.

This age group was the first to receive the vaccinations and presents the highest number of people fully vaccinated. In this cohort, 270 619 people (over the age of 60), or 38%, out of a population of 720 000 were fully vaccinated during this time.

The analysis, led by Professor Mary-Ann Davies, Professor & Director of the Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Research at UCT and Public Health Medicine Specialist at the Western Cape Department of Health, makes for compelling reading:


COVID-19 infections in those over 60 years

·        2455 contracted COVID-19, but

·        2245 or 92% of people were NOT vaccinated – only 8% of those vaccinated contracted COVID-19



·        729 people over the age of 60 required hospitalization, but

·        699 or 96% were NOT vaccinated – only 4% of those vaccinated required hospitalization



·        292 people over the age unfortunately died due to COVID-19, but

·        287 or 98.3% were NOT vaccinated – only 1.7% of those vaccinated died due to other complications and not the vaccine


‘’The effectiveness of the vaccines, and how they reduce your risk of ending up in hospital or dying from COVID-19, could not be illustrated in a  clearer manner. This is why we continue to engage communities and continue to encourage people to take up vaccination to protect themselves and save their lives,’’said Chief of Operations for the Western Cape Department of Health, Dr Saadiq Kariem.

‘’If you are unsure about whether you should get vaccinated, consult your local doctor or healthcare worker and ask questions. We understand there are some understandable concerns, but the emerging local (and international) data presents very clear evidence that the vaccine will offer you excellent protection against severe COVID-19 disease and will save lives,’’ added Karriem.



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