City of Cape Town says water is safe to drink

 The City of Cape Town has has lifted its boil water before drinking notice and assured residents that it is safe to drink water.

 source: News24

The announcement comes after The City of Cape Town warned residents in parts of the eastern, central and southern suburbs to not drink water last week due to the discoloration of the water being impacted by load shedding.

The announcement means residents in affected those areas no longer need to boil their water before drinking or cooking. On Friday, the city urged residents to boil their water before drinking it after the water appeared to be in a yellow colour at the Faure Water Treatment Plant.

A sample test was conducted by the city’s scientific services branch and environmental health service and indicated that the water is safe to drink, and that the water quality is at the national standards for drinking water. Residents in areas who were advised to implement the precautionary boil notice need no longer do so.

The City said, "The plant has been scoured and restarted – however, work is ongoing to ensure it is operating properly before being reconnected to the water distribution network."

The city also thanked residents for their patience and cooperation during this time.

By Lulama Klassen


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