Eskom hopes to reduce load shedding stage by the weekend

Eskom hopes to ease the load shedding stage by this weekend

Picture - Mitchum George: Load shedding at Bush Radio

Stage 3 loadshedding is currently underway until 16:00 on Thursday, thereafter, it will increase to Stage 4 until 5a.m on Friday. Loadshedding will be lowered to Stage 2 at 05:00 – 16:00 on Friday. It is anticipated Stages 2 and 1 loadshedding will be implemented during the weekend.

In a statement, the embattled parastatal said the emergency generation reserves are almost depleted, both the diesel and pumped storage dam levels.

‘’These, together with persistent high levels of breakdowns of generating units, are among the major contributors to the continuing generation capacity shortages. Since Tuesday evening Eskom teams have returned a generating unit each at Duvha, Kendal and Medupi power stations to service.’’

‘’Loadshedding is implemented only as a last resort in view of the shortage of generation capacity and the need to attend to breakdowns.’’

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