World Standards Day 2022

Friday marks World Standards Day and the day is used to raise awareness about the importance of using standardized measurements, technologies and industries.

The day, aims to educate consumers, policymakers, and celebrate the work of the experts around the world that contribute to the development and maintenance of voluntary technical publications, or standards.

World Standards Day is also used to commemorate the achievements of scientists for developing voluntary universal standards that can be used for various measurements.

This year’s theme is ‘Shared Vision for a Better World. The theme is part of the groups such as International Electro technical Commission, International Organization for Standardization and the International Telecommunication Union multi-year campaign to increase understanding about how standardization is important to achieve the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

In South Africa, The Standards Division of the South African Bureau of Standards is responsible for the development and maintenance of South African National Standards.

The SABS maintains over 8 144 standards and manages approximately 200 Technical Committees. More than 1 700 participants are involved in various technical committees and comprise industry bodies, companies, academics, policy makers, regulators, consumer groups and other stakeholders. 

The International Organization for Standardization develop and publish International Standards, of which, the ISO 9001 family Quality management is one of the best-known standards.

Dr Sadhvir Bissoon, SABS Divisional Head of Standards, said the day is to provide the governance, project management, secretarial and support portfolios to enable an efficient ecosystem of developing standards. 

"World Standards Day is an opportunity for the SABS to recognize the dedication and active participation of our technical experts in South Africa who are members of SABS technical committees and contribute to the critical work of developing national and international standards."

"National standards provide specifications and requirements that improve the quality of goods and services, thereby contributing to the quality of life for South Africans, and form the basis for legislation and regulations.  The theme for 2022 is a shared vision for a better world, and encapsulates the potential of national standards to make the world a better place,” he added.

By Lulama Klassen


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