Metrorail Western Cape introduces adjusted train service on Southern and Cape Flats lines

Metrorail Western Cape has introduced an adjusted train service on the Southern and Cape Flats lines

The service will start on Monday, and the rail agency said the trains were tested for the past week.

‘’Following months of evaluating our service offering, the service improvements and adjusted train service are being introduced as part of continuous improvement. Some of the benefits of this approach to customers are that the improvements will bring about reduced train delays in the operating areas, to ensure that trains are maintaining their published time-tables. They will also assist in enhancing the reliability of the service as the new train numbers are aligned to the capability of the vandalised infrastructure,’’ said Zino Mihi, Metrorail WC Acting Spokesperson.

Mihi says trains in the region will still stop in a certain pre-determined area as they will need to be manually authorised. The adjustments are primarily focusing to address the peak periods.

The sale of weekly tickets has also been introduced, and she encouraged commuters to purchase train tickets before boarding the train.

‘’Travelling on our trains without a valid train ticket is an offence. A booking fee of R40 is applicable to those without valid train tickets.’’

The acting spokesperson said security guards will be on all trains on the Southern & Cape Flats line

‘’The improvements that we are introducing are to ensure that we continuously improve our service offering and to ensure that it remains relevant to the needs of the customer.’’

Commuters are encouraged to visit the social media platforms,such as Twitter (@CapeTownTrains), Facebook (Cape Metrorail), for the schedule, and regular updates.


PICTURE: MetrorailWC

Done By: Mitchum George


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