Irate Colorado Park residents fed up of crime committed on Weltevreden Parway bridge

The Colorado Park community in Mitchells Plain is set to meet with Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis on Tuesday evening, for the closure of the bridge that connects their neighbourhood with Samora Machel.

Residents took to the streets, on Monday, to voice their concerns about the escalated hijackings, muggings, and ongoing house break-ins. It is understood the bridge is used as a getaway route by criminals.


The Weltevreden Parkway Bridge between Colorado Park and Samora Machel, is an access road which connects Colorado Park with Samora and Kosovo areas for both cars and pedestrians.

Mayco Member for Urban Mobility, Rob Quintas, told newspaper, Plainsman, in August 2022, the City had not repaired the railing on the bridge itself as the bridge belonged to the Western Cape Government and was therefore the responsibility of provincial government.

Nasmi Jacobs, from the Cape Coloured Congress, said irate residents are fed up with the amount of crime this bridge is causing.

‘’Colorado [Park] never had problems. We should stand up for the community. People erected a bridge – a bridge that is now used for hijackings. Authorities don’t come and address this. People are struggling, they are getting hurt. We have been accused of being racist for standing up against crime committed in our area. We should stand together.’’


Done By: Mitchum George


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