Vodacom's CT head office abalze

Vodacom head office in Cape Town, based in Century City, experienced a devastating fire on Sunday, leaving authorities to ascertain its cause.


The City of Cape Town’s Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson, Jermaine Carelse, said firefighters were alerted just after 11am of solar panels alight on the roof of the building.

‘’Upon arrival of the first crew, additional resources were requested. Two hydraulic platforms were also dispatched. Firefighters had to be aware of the falling debris whilst working inside the building. This is a fluid situation and no injuries have been reported as yet,’’ said Jermaine Carelse, the City of Cape Town’s Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson.

The team successfully managed to extinguish the fire at 4p.m

Carelse said a fire Safety Inspector will be on-site at first light on Monday morning to inspect the damages cause, and to prevent such events happening in the future.


Done By: Mitchum George


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