Nine-year-old boy sought after being washed off rocks at Sandy Bay

Officials are still searching for a nine-year-old boy who went missing in the sea after reportedly being washed off rocks at Sandy Bay on the Atlantic Seaboard, on Sunday.


The National Sea Rescue’s (NSRI), Craig Lambinon, said the search had to be halted on Sunday, as it became dark.

‘’Along the barely accessible terrain an extensive sea, air and shoreline search revealed no signs of the missing child. Police divers held a briefing at NSRI Hout Bay after daylight was lost at the search area,’’ said Craig Lambinon, NSRI spokesperson.

It’s understood the boy, from Hout Bay, was with friends and relatives and they had gone to Sandy Bay, where, while standing on a rock on the shoreline a wave reportedly swept the child off the rocks into the sea.

‘’Police divers are continuing in an ongoing search. Thoughts are with the family and friends of the missing child in this difficult time,’’ added Lambinon.


 Done By: Esobusi Mkangelwa


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