The Welkom Police Unit arrested a suspect in Qwaqwa and Harrismith for alleged drug peddling.

According to Warrant Officer Mmako Mophiring, they found that a particular woman was selling drugs in and near Qwaqwa. The squad set up a waypoint next to Mandela Scrapyard and saw the suspect arrive; when she saw the police, she fled and hid in a nearby house in the village.

Then, 80 plastic-wrapped sachets of Nyaope were discovered in her hands. They discovered a silver 9mm pistol and ammunition after doing more searching. The weapon was found to have been reported stolen at Harrismith in January. The woman was taken into custody.

On Thursday, she is scheduled to appear before the Harrismith Magistrate Court to answer to drug-dealing accusations.

 Picture by: Pixabay

Done by Esobusi Mkangelwa


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