Suspects arrested for metal theft

The City of Cape Town’s Metals Theft Unit arrested a suspect on Monday for metal theft.

Police received a tip-off about an address storing stolen copper cables.

They responded, and on their way to the address they were provided with information of the commodity being transported and moved in the Kraaifontein area.

Police identified the vehicle, pulled it over, and successfully recovered copper wires which the suspect could not account for.

According to The City of Cape Town Law Enforcement’s spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, the suspects premises were also searched and more stolen items were successfully discovered.

“This led to the discovery of eight bags of overhead copper wire cut p into smaller pieces. The suspect could not give any account for the property and was arrested in terms of the criminal matters and amendment act secondly in terms of the general law amendment act”, he added.


Done by: Alungile Njemla


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