Monday, July 24, 2006

Boy rescued after being trapped for 50 hours

By Odette Ismail

A five-year-old boy was carried to safety after being stuck in an 18-metre-deep hole for 50 hours in a northern Indian village.

According to the Argus, the boy who is only identified as “Prince” came out wrapped in a towel in the arms of a rescuer. Thousands of people were present to witness the rescue.

The army rescuers had dug a hole parallel to a hole through which the boy fell into on Friday. After digging the hole they created a passageway connecting the two holes. The soldier then reached Prince through the connecting pipe and together with four soldiers back to the surface through a hole which they dug out.

Army engineers were called in on Saturday to rescue the boy , but local police were concerned that the sand could cave in and this delayed the work.

A monitored camera that was lowered by the army into the pit, showed Prince looking around very timidly and eating biscuits and tea that is mother made. The snacks were lowered to him by a rope into the hole.



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