Monday, July 10, 2006

Lack of police patrols on the N2 still an issue

By Danika Marquis

Strife between the City of Cape Town and the provincial government continues over the lack of police patrols on the N2.

It has been two weeks since the launch of a project to ensure the safety of drivers on the N2 through joint police patrolling by the city and the provincial government.

However, communication issues between the two are hindering progress, and city representative Bongani Maqungwana believes that this may force them to do the job alone.

Community Safety MEC spokesperson Makhaya Mani, however, denies any problems, stating earlier that things were going well.

He further suggested that any communication difficulties were probably due to the City representatives failing to report in.

However, while the mud-slinging contest between the provincial and city government lasts, rocks continue to be thrown at cars along the N2.

And according to one irate driver – no police patrols were in the area at the time when his windscreen was smashed yesterday.

In response to this, the provincial department of community safety comments that motorist’s expectations for safety are too high.


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