Friday, July 14, 2006

Fuel may top R7 per litre within weeks

by Danika Marquis

According to Pretoria News, South African motorists can expect a sharp increase in the price of petrol over the next few weeks as world oil prices hit record highs on Thursday. This follows a fresh outbreak of violence in the Middle East, as Israel launched an offensive into Lebanon, leaving scores of people dead on both sides in counter-attacks that seem to be escalating. Economist Dawie Roodt believes that because of Middle Eastern tensions, South Africans can expect to pay anything between 20c and 40c more for fuel. Automobile Association spokesperson Gary Ronald says that even before the latest crude oil increases, economists had predicted a rise in the price of petrol toward the end of July. He further adds concerns that by next month motorists will probably be paying about R7 a litre for petrol. South African National Consumer Union spokesperson Ina Wilken says the increases will have a devastating effect on the ordinary person, affecting the poorest of poor as rising transport prices add to food costs.


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