Saturday, November 25, 2006

'Angel of Soweto' in the spotlight

By Tarryn Le Chat
25 November 2006

In a twist of events, Jackey Marohaanye, better known to her pupils as mama Jackey and as the ‘Angel of Soweto’ has been put under the spotlight.

Former President Nelson Mandela is so disturbed by these allegations levelled on television against the 'Angel of Soweto' that he asked for a copy of the programme.

It is alleged that mama Jackey schooled children at the trust to lie about their past to ensure continued sponsorship from the likes of NBA and Oprah. Ithuteng school in Klipspruit, Soweto, refused to speak about the allegations, saying they were terrified of the woman they call mama.

Another shocked reaction this week came from one of Itheteng’s donors - Nedbank.
Lot Ndlovu, chairperson of the Nedbank Foundation, said they were shocked by the Carte Blanche programme, but would wait for full facts on the matter.

The follow-up of the programme will be screened tomorrow night on M-Net at 7pm on Carte Blanche.


At Saturday, 25 November, 2006, Anonymous raymond espinal said...

i know for a fact that mama jackey is the best thing that happen to me and if people chose to listen to every thing they hear then thats sad. ""MACHO"" FROM NEW YORK

At Monday, 27 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lies, all lies! I sat in horror and utter disbelief as I watched Carte Blanche and saw how easily, shamelessly and how convincing these people lied to everybody. Makes you wonder how many other stories you hear are actually true...

At Wednesday, 29 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry all but it is true. she is a scam artist and has had accountability issues for years. i was there the day oprah gave her a check and almost puked because i then watched mama jackie cry but drive off in her big old mercedes to the bank. for pete's sake she used to work amongst criminals. she pulled a number on a bunch of americans that came to africa to make themselves feel good by giving away money without doing their research. they wanted a song and dance and got one! i only help that this doesn't taint the chances for other organizations to receive donations from donors. i also hope that donors take the time to do their research!!!!

At Thursday, 30 November, 2006, Anonymous ros said...

Hi. I work for a BBC radio news show which is going to be talking about the Carte Blanche show. We'd be really interested to get the perspective of Bush Radio listeners. Please email me at if you'd be interested in speaking to us. The show is at 8pm today (Thursday night).
Many thanks, Ros from World Have Your Say (

At Thursday, 30 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have been involved with mama jackey and ithuteng since sept '04 and have spent multiple weeks living at the school with the children.i have a hard time believing the negativity isnt born of jealousy.i have seen the hundreds of kids whose lives she has changed and witnessed first hand the daily work thats been done at the school.i was also present for a meeting with the local police to discuss the corruption and bias toward her in her battle to clean up the neighborhood.i can only pray that this is a witch hunt that gets exposed but the miracles she has done will always far outweigh any mistakes she might have made!!!
bill bayno,portland trailblazers

At Saturday, 06 January, 2007, Anonymous Vickie said...

It's sad, sad, community that would chose to believe any negativity in addressing the needs of these children by Mama Jackey, when it's obvious to those of us on the outside looking in that these children were thsoe most would leave to "all they deserved". I applaud Mama Jackey and her diligence toward helping a group that the country seemed confortable leaving to live, die, or go to jail so as not to have to bother. Please stay encouraged, because these children and many, many other truly need you. You will forever be in my prayers, especially since you have given me a foreview of what may be to come for me and the group of children I want to change their outlooks for. Much love, hope, encouragement and respect, always!


At Monday, 19 February, 2007, Anonymous Bago Motlatle said...

You all must know by now that these allegations are true.

Jackey Maarohanye faces charges of assault and kidnapping after allegedly being part of a group that held a reporter and driver from the Sowetan newspaper hostage for more than six hours at the school on 17 February 2007. She was arrested on 18 February and remanded in custody.

All of you that thinks this is all lies and some sort of smear campaign - DO YOUR RESEARCH

We can't tolerate people like Mama Jackey!!!!!!!!!!


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