Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Refugee allegedly beaten at Woodstock SAPS

By Nadia Samie
7 November 2006

A refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo has allegedly been badly beaten up at the Woodstock police station, by police officers.

Majila Lukana Jonas alleges that he was picked up by four SAPS members, who did not identify themselves as police and were not dressed in uniforms. They were allegedly driving an unmarked vehicle. Jonas says he was picked up in the early hours of Friday morning, after he had been to an ATM.

"Two men and two women told me to get into their vehicle, with their guns out," Jonas said.

The police members allegedly did not disclose a reason. Jonas says he was then driven to Woodstock police station, where he was made to undress inside, and while naked, was badly beaten up by two female officers.

“They took me to the police station, and when we arrived there they beat me and they beat me, they took off all my clothes and they sprayed me with pepper spray,” Jonas said.

He says that pepper spray was sprayed on his private parts. He was made to clean his blood with his underwear, while the female officers continued to beat him.

The complainant says he was released the next day at 5PM. On his release, he was seen by a uniformed officer in the station, told him to report the incident. When the complainant tried to report the incident he was told to come back on another day.

Today, the complainant again returned to Woodstock SAPS to lay a charge. He says that none of the officers wanted to assist him, until officials from the Refugee Forum came to the police station. A spokesperson for the forum says that refugees are entitled to the same rights as citizens.

“The only right they do not have is to vote, otherwise refugees are entitled to the same rights as everyone else,” said Latymory Kamba, who is a councilor at the forum.

Police spokesperson Inspector Bernadine Steyn had this to say: "We are not going to comment on the allegations, but it is being investigated. We can confirm that a case of assault was opened at the Woodstock police station earlier today."

With additional reporting by Brenda Leonard
Pictures: Adrian Louw


At Tuesday, 07 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With a leader like Selebi, a mayor like Zille and a campaign by the DA to clean up the city what do you expect from these hooligans?
The cops are worse than the gangsters.

Good work Bush Radio for exposing this.



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