Saturday, February 14, 2009

Premier highlights local governments fight against poverty initiatives

By Cindy Witten
14 February 2009

Under the heading of “Intensifying the fight against poverty” in her State of the Province Address, Premier Lynne Brown highlighted some of the initiatives undertaken by local government. In 2004 the departments of education, health and agriculture started a project whereby food gardens were planted at schools across the province.

Brown said that so far, at least 278 food gardens had been planted by the beginning of the year. This initiative came about so that even the poorest of pupils attending no-fee schools would not have to go hungry.

MEC Cobus Dowry gave a vague response, and was of the opinion that Premier Brown delivered a good speech. He said that her address was balanced and touched on quite a few topics.
“She gave an actual report on what has happened over the last five years. She also concentrated on what is necessary to be done, in the future, after the elections and onwards,” he said.


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