Friday, January 27, 2012

Man gets shot in the face for attempting to rob a farmer

Lauren Snyders
27 January 2012

A robber with a plastic gun was shot dead after he tried to enter a 70-year-old’s home in Mpumalanga.

Corrie Potgieter who lives on a farm near Karino, heard his gardener Fana Mashalela talking to someone yesterday morning.

After peeping through the bedroom window, Potgieter saw that two men were standing with Mashalela.

He then decided to fetch his shotgun out of his safe.

The men were gone but when he saw Mashalela on his knees he became suspicious.

Suddenly one of the men jumped up from underneath the window and pointed a pistol at Potgieter.

Potgieter fired a shot which hit the robber in the face and killed him instantly.

When police arrived on the scene they found his body with the BB gun laying next to him.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Gerald Sedibe said that Mashalela told him that there were three men and the other two got away.

This attack was one of many which happened in the Mbombela area.


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