Monday, January 30, 2012

Protesters not done with Rondebosch Common

Lauren Snyders
30 January 2012

The group which wanted to occupy the piece of land at Rondebosch Common last Friday said they are not done.

Several people were arrested after they tried to move onto the piece of land.

They were eventually removed after police used tear gas and water cannons on them.

The groups Mike Hoffmeester said they might have withdrawn from the piece of land but they will be back.

He added that they know that there are still visible police and law enforcement on the scene but they do have plans in place.

Hoffmeester said they will continue to do this until authorities take them seriously.

He added that they have plans which are very sensitive and which he cannot speak about.

The Communities for Social Change Jared Sacks said that last Friday's protest was infact not illegal.

He added that the City had to take various steps to ban the march.

One of the protesters Mario Wanza who was arrested last Friday has been granted bail after he spent two nights in the Athlone Police Station.

Over 40 people who participated in the protest was released hours after being arrested.

Charges against them were dropped but Wanza was not sure if the state is going to drop charges against him.


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