Monday, May 28, 2012

Father unhappy over WCED investigation

Lauren Snyders
28 May 2012

The father of the boy who was allegedly raped on a school rugby tour said he was disappointed in the investigation of the Western Cape Education department.

The departments Paddy Atwell said the investigation found that the learners did engage in initiation practises which included shaving hair off newcomers and drinking non alcoholic mixtures of various kinds.

Atwell said that two learners consumed alcohol despite being told not to do so.

It was said that the boy was subjected to humiliation by some of his team members during the night of the 17th of March.

Photographs were taken of the incident and put on social media websites.

Atwell said the school subsequently suspended seven learners for seven days after a disciplinary hearing.

He said the investigation found that the school followed procedure in the disciplinary process.



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