Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Fatima Chohan calling for equality in top positions

Loyiso Langeni
26 August 2014

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Fatima Chohan on Monday delivered a key note address during the women of Africa meeting which was held in Johannesburg, under the theme Women of Africa coming together. 

The deputy minister told the women at the gathering that the participation of African women in the formal economy is grossly under valued. 

“There is a patent lack of women in senior management position it is now our time sisters and brothers to place this issue at the top of our agenda in Africa

All of us must do our part as mothers we are not disempowered, as mothers we play a crucial role in this agenda. It is our responsibility for children to be given the same education of opportunities as our sons.” Chohan added.

Meanwhile also during her address the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Fatima Chohan said a positive development on the African continent is that more women are given space and voice in the formal political structure. 

She added that however work still needs to be done in getting women represented in high positions. 

The 1995 Beijing women’s action platform called for 30% quarter for women’s in public leadership positions several African countries have indeed reason to this challenge and have introduce laws that implement quarters to increase the representation of women in legislatures and key government position.

However in those countries that lack behind such as DRC and Cameroon when no such intervention has been done, the disparity is glaring women national leaders are also rare.



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