Friday, August 29, 2014

Speed a major cause of road fatalities in the WC

Lusanda Bill
29 August 2014

Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Work’s said speed plays a major role in fatal crashes in the province. 

Provincial statistics show that there has been a 29 percent reduction in roadside fatalities since the beginning of 2009. 

This month the department has come up with a theme titled “Speed Kills – Get the facts” to educating motorists about the dangers of speeding. 

Departmental Spokesperson Hector Elliot said speeding or inappropriate speed is involved in 33% of all fatal crashes.  As speed increases it becomes increasingly hard to respond to unaccepted hazards and to control the vehicle.

Elliot said speed also determines the amount of force of a crash so the higher the speed the more severe the injuries and the greater chance of being killed.

“We have now released a real CCTV footage which shows what happens when people drive at excessive speed.  It also shows how easily you can lose control and how quickly things can go very wrong when you are speeding” Elliot added. 



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