Monday, December 13, 2021

ATM scammer arrested in Plumstead

Diep River police arrested a suspect on Saturday for being in possession of stolen property and fraud

The City’s Auxiliary Law Enforcement officers received a tip off on Saturday, of a vehicle suspected to be involved in ATM scamming.

‘’A short while later, local security services informed the officers of the vehicle’s location in Plumstead. They monitored the vehicle, and later noticed a man getting in, and driving up the road to an ATM. Officers witnessed him making several withdrawals, and when they approached him, he was found in possession of just over R6 000 in cash and a bank card that did not belong to him,’’ says mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith.

The suspect was subsequently arrested and whilst at the police station, an elderly woman and her son arrived to open a case of theft of her bank card.

‘’Further investigation confirmed that R5000 was withdrawn from her account and the card the suspect had on him belonged to the elderly victim. The suspect was detained for possession of stolen property and fraud, as well as a docket opened by the complainant for theft,’’ added Smith.

Smith urged Capetonians to be vigilant of one’s belongings this festive season

‘’…It is also unfortunately a sign of the times – and a warning to the public to please be extremely vigilant this festive season. It’s been a hard year and everyone wants to take a bit of a break and relax, but it is also the time when criminals ramp up their activities. So please, make sure you’re aware of your surroundings at all times, and do not be distracted whilst doing any transactions involving your bank card, whether withdrawing cash or swiping it somewhere. Also make sure that you keep your valuables out of sight at all times.’’


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