Thursday, December 09, 2021

Tap water is safe for consumption, says City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town has assured Lotus River and Grassy Park residents that the tap water is safe for consumption.

This comes after a fake message doing the rounds on WhatsApp, alleging that 75 people fell ill after the municipality allegedly recycled sewer water as drinking water

‘’Drinking water in the Lotus River and Grassy Park areas is safe to drink. This has been confirmed by the City’s Scientific Services Branch based on recent analyses of regular water samples. The City has also not included purified wastewater into its drinking water as alleged.’’

 The city says that the water that comes out of their taps remains of the highest quality.

‘’The City of Cape Town’s tap water has for many years maintained ‘excellent’ compliance status with South African national drinking water quality standard SANS 241, and the latest annual Water Quality Report shows that this track record remains unbroken,’’ it said in a statement.



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