Bontehuewel mothers thwart suspects from stealing drain covers

Bonteheuwel residents were woken up in the early hours of Wednesday, after they saw two thieves stealing drain cover lids in David Profit Street.

COURTESY: Ward Councillor, Angus McKenzie

Ward Councillor, Angus McKenzie, says after stealing the covers, the suspects hid them in a nearby peace garden to collect at a later stage.

‘’The David Profit Street Mother's quickly informed my tip off line and Law Enforcement Officers were immediately deployed. The Bonteheuwel Law Enforcement team were immediately able to arrest the 2 suspects and retrieve the stolen covers,’’ said McKenzie.

COURTESY: Ward Councillor, Angus McKenzie

The suspects were taken to Bishop Lavis SAPS. McKenzie says having a Bonteheuwel WhatsApp group is beneficial.

‘’Our street WhatsApp groups throughout the area has hugely assisted the reduction of crime and tipping off gang related activities. The safer community we experiencing must be accredited to willing residents taking back their community, street by street,’’ he said.


COURTESY: Ward Councillor, Angus McKenzie - ‘’The David Profit Street Mother's

Done By: Mitchum George


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