Tuesday, May 17, 2022

EMS officials thrown with a brick in Delft

The Western Cape Department of Health and Wellness has condemned the recent attacks on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) officials.

During 2021 there were 78 senseless attacks and so far there has been 9 attacks on EMS officials in 2022, who risk their lives daily to save lives in the Western Cape province.

Last week, paramedics were on their way to pick up a patient in Site B, Khayelitsha, when they were held at gunpoint and robbed with their personal belongings, including two cellphones and bags with their wallets and ID. The traumatic ordeal occurred at 14:45.

The latest incident says the EMS’s Deanna February, officials were thrown with a brick just before 5a.m on Tuesday in Delft.


‘’Whilst driving down Kaap Street in Delft a brick was thrown at the ambulance and plunged through the driver side window of the vehicle and scratched the shoulder of the crew member who was driving. The brick landed on the passenger side of the ambulance and the crew left the area immediately. The vehicle was damaged and fortunately, there were no serious physical injuries, however, the EMS officials are severely traumatised following this senseless attack and they have been supported with counselling and offered time off,’’ said February.


February says her department is concerned about the increase in officials being attacked.

‘’Although most attacks do not result in serious physical injuries, essential health services are often being disrupted. The poor response time is most severely felt by the most vulnerable. These attacks leave staff traumatised and fearing for their lives while fulfilling their duties.’’

‘’They go beyond and above the call of duty, by risking their lives daily to save the lives of the vulnerable people in communities. We are therefore urging the public to protect and support EMS officials and immediately report these incidents to their nearest police station,’’ added February.


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