Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Search for Joshlin Smith continues, as mayor urges residents to deter from misinformation

Saldanha Bay Mayor, Andrè Truter has urged people to refrain from spreading misinformation regarding the disappearance of Joshlin Smith. Tuesday marked the eighth day that the six-year-old went missing.

PHOTO - SAPS: Joshlin Smith

Truter took to his Facebook page on Tuesday, to express his dissatisfaction over fake news being spread, surrounding the girl’s disappearance.

‘’It is early morning and I, like most of you are tired. I am tired because of a lack of rest. I am tired of people, that are not even from Saldanha Bay Municipality, causing confusion, misinformation, trauma and ultimately also vigilante actions. I have news for you, you will be held accountable, but I leave that to SAPS. ‘’

‘’The sad news is two fold. One, Joslin have still not been found. Two, the danger here is that the focus is no longer on finding little Joslin, but rather sideshows. Well no more!! Our function is to support the TEAM of Detectives that are working 24/7 on this, not to waste their time and lead them on wild goose chase! Let's stop asking questions or raise opinions, let start focusing on discovering hard evidence that will lead to the finding of Joslin,’’ read the post.

He urged people to not send police on a wild goose chase and waste resources.

‘’Let's give ANY information to the Detectives to test, not to social media! All we do when we do that is to warn any criminal elements of exactly what and where the investigation is at. We could even be drawing attention away from them that allows them to make a new move. Let me finish off by saying, our focus going forward is on the finding of Joslin,’’ said Executive Mayor Andrè Truter.

According to the Saldahna Bay municipality, a R20 000 reward is being offered for Joslin’s safe return.


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