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EFF ''enraged'' by Kraaifontein man allegedly beating his grandmother

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Cape Metro has expressed outrage of the viral video showing how a 19-year-old man allegedly assaulting his grandmother.

‘’This is a tragic incident [and] highlights how the government has failed dismally to protect the vulnerable people of our society, particularly our elders, women, and children,’’ said the Mzubanzi Dambuza, EFF regional secretary.

COURTESY: X - @EFF_Cape_Metro - EFF memebers visits elderly woman in hospital

In the viral video, the man is seen demanding food from the grandmother before clapping her, causing the pots with the food falling to the floor. The elderly woman was later seen being unconscious, resulting in the hospitalization of the grandmother.

‘’EFF in Cape Metro extends its deepest sympathy to the grandmother who has become a victim of her circumstances. Her only fault is that she is poor, and her poverty almost killed her. We strongly assert that there is no place in our society for people like (*), who show no regard for the vulnerable citizens of our society, particularly the elderly. There is no space in our society for people who brutally raise their hands on elders, even the bible forbids such actions,’’ said Dambuza.

Dambuza blamed socio-economic issues for the man’s behaviour.

‘’It is also concerning that a young man like him has become a significant danger to our society when he should be in school building his future. However, we are not surprised by Luvo’s aggressive and dangerous behaviour, as it stems from the neglected streets of Cape Flats, which have been dismally failed by the DA-led government. The Cape Flats have turned into war zones, where women and kids are raped and killed daily. Crime in Cape Flats is significantly escalating, and gangsterism has become rampant. Our streets have become a playground for gangsters, while our homeshave turned into prisons.’’

‘’In the same breath, we need to acknowledge crime as a socio-economic issue with a specific face, a black face. Poverty is the greatest crime, stealing our dignity as black people. Over 30 years into our pseudo-democracy,we witnessed a family almost killing each other over food. Luvo and his grandmother fought over food, Luvo almost killed his grandmother over food. This tragic scene is a stark reminder of the ANC’s failure to deliver on its promises. We need to start admitting that the former liberation movement, the ANC, sold our people a lie.’’

‘’What kind of freedom that allows us to watch on social media families almost killing each other over food? What we saw happening in the video is not unique to the Ngqaza family, it is a daily reality for many families in the townships due to poverty. The only difference is that the Ngqaza family’s struggle was recorded. Families in townships are fighting over a slice of bread and no longer talk to each other because of poverty. Black people must come to the realization that they are on their own,’’ added Dambuza.

The suspect is expected to appear in court on Friday for assault and domestic violence.


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