Tuesday, August 22, 2006

COSATU condemns strike violence

By Odette Ismail

COSATU held a press conference on Tuesday, which focussed on the violence, associated with strike action and the condemnation of such violence. Various leaders attended the conference to express support as to alleviate any violence linked to strike action.

Colin Tyhalidikazi chairperson of SACCAWU emphasised police brutality on the Shoprite workers who were striking. He added that there needs to be more pressure being put on the employers, but reiterates COSATU’s standpoint on condemning any acts of violence during the respective strikes.

Members of SATAWU commented on the cleaning sector and appealed to the public for support. They also expressed their grievances of employers who they say, “ show no reluctance.” It was also appealed by all trade unions that emphasis be placed on the low wages strike and how it affects them and their families.


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