Friday, August 25, 2006

Nqakula gets tough on Saps

By Tarryn Le Chat

Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula lashed out at members of the South African Police Services (SAPS) who failed to tackle crime or to help people in danger, in Pretoria yesterday.

“If you don’t have a car, ride bicycles or a donkey”, Nqakula told police officers who cited lack of transport as a reason for slow response to crime calls.

Speaking at an awards ceremony for police, Nqakula was responding to months of criticism from members of the public who claim they are not receiving the service they deserve.

“We are living in a society where tolerance is allowing people to get away with murder. If you cannot or are not willing to do your job then get out of the organisation”, said Nqakula.

The minister calls on law-abiding citizens and members within Saps, who knew of corruption within the organisation, to stand up and nip crime in the bud in South Africa.

“If you do not do anything to stop crime, then you become the criminal”, said Nqakula.



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