Thursday, October 23, 2008

1000 homes to be handed to deserving Delft residents

By Cindy Witten
23 October 2008

As part of the N2 gateway housing project, the Minister of housing, Lindiwe Sisulu, will be handing over 1000 houses to deserving Delft residents.
“These are the houses, that were this time, last year invaded following the call from a city counsellor to occupy the houses,” said Evelyn Holtzhauzen.

Since the people were evicted, the houses have been repaired and the renovated properties will be handed back to community members. Not just anybody was given a home, according to authorities, a housing list, that had been heavily scrutinised, was drawn up to determine who needed the homes the most.

The hand-over will take place in Delft, Symphony way at 11h00 today.

“It’s one of the biggest hand-overs of houses on the Cape Flats ever,” Holtzhauzen added.


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