Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama and McCain battle it out for top US position

By Nadia Samie
30 October 2008

With just a few days to go before Tuesday's election, and Barak Obama and John McCain are pushing hard in the battleground states of Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina. The candidates are pulling out all the stops to win over undecided voters in the final leg.

The Democrat candidate Barak Obama is paying millions of dollars for a 30 minute advertisement which aired on numerous television networks last night. The advertisement highlights the stories of a selection of Americans who personified US challenges including retirement, health care policies and education.

Republican John McCain has taken to ridicule Obama’s tax policy. The Arizona senator emerges popular with voters on issues of national security, which he capitalises on in public appearances. McCAin was prisoner of war in Vietnam for five years and wastes no time telling voters that he spent his time voting for them.

Unprecedented use of technology has been used in this election. E-mails, short messages, videos and social sites are regularly used by the Obama campaign to keep in touch with supporters. Obama continues to lead in opinion polls by a small run up to Tuesday’s election.


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