Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trevor Manuel’s budget med term praised

By Mandisi Tyulu.
22 October 2008

The ANC and most opposition parties have welcome Finance Minister Trevor Manuel’s medium term budget. But the People’s Budget Coalition, comprising the SA Council of Churches, the SA non-governmental coalition and the Congress of SA Trade Unions, says Manuel’s plans will not even begin to bring about the kind of radical improvements in the lives of the majority of poor and marginalised people.

The coalition says, the increase in social grants does not keep pace with the rate of inflation. It has also repeated its calls for the implementation of a universal basic income grant.

The U.D.M ‘s Jackson Baci says,’ the twenty rands given to social grant is minimal and that every year the funds allocated to education increases yearly but the still kids that are studying under trees.’’

On the other hand the Independents Democrats leader says, ‘the med term budget speaks to many issues the party had predicted but the party says it is disappointed that the minister did not budget for the immediate of the extension of social grants to the age of 18 years.”

ACD Steven Swart says,’ in a time of great storm minister Manuel has sent the right massage to investors that his prudent policy will not change and this is re-assuring because we need that foreign investment for job creation.”

Meanwhile the D.A‘s Deon George says, it was a very realistic reflection of the economy as it is currently and we are very please that he indicated the continuity on micro economic policy, but the party says what it would have love to see is the partnership between government and private sector to make sure that the are no job loses.’’


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