Thursday, October 23, 2008

City encourages people to reconsider their modes of transport

By Cindy Witten
23 October 2008

October marks National Transport Month, where the City of Cape Town, focuses on all transport related matters. This year the City aims to promote awareness around using public transport or even cycling as a means of transport, instead of driving.

It is no secret that our roads are heavily congested during peak driving times, using public transport would lead to the elimination of motor vehicles on the road, thereby easing congestion.
The City plans on providing more cycle lanes as well as improving pedestrian walkways. A short cycle tour to be held in Goodwood has been arranged, to encourage people to make use of alternative means of transport.

Head of Transport Network Information, David Sampson says that if we all become part of the solution, everyone will benefit.


At Thursday, 23 October, 2008, Blogger jsacks said...

The City is ignoring 3 important facts:

1) The city's horrible public transportation discourages people from using it.

2) The city keeps building wider roads which discourages people from using public transport.

3) The city and the province are encouraging a horrible urban planning process which is resulting in urban sprawl. We all know that urban sprawl discourages public transport, makes it more expensive, and encourages the use of cars.

So instead of trying to 'teach people' to use public transport and biking, why doesnt the government make cities more conducive to it in the first place? Because they dont really car about this kind of thing. They only care about making Cape Town a 'world class city' that looks good for tourists.


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