Thursday, October 23, 2008

High School Principal escapes with life

By Sasha Forbes
23 October 2008

The principal of Lentgeur High School Aboeakr Frieslaar escaped yesterday with his life, after two men who followed him from the bank, shot him in the leg.

After parking his car Frieslaar was confronted by two men who threatened him with a firearm. Mitchell’s Plain’s Inspector Ian Williams says “the complainant then fought with the two suspects and one of the suspects then started shooting at him and they injured him in the leg.” The suspects then fled the scene in their vehicle.

Pupils who witnessed the incident wanted to go and assist Frieslaar but scattered after the gun shot were fried.

Inspector Williams says “a case of attempted murder and attempted robbery is being investigated.”

Frieslaar is now at home and is in a stable condition.


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