Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anti Israel protesters called for two minute work stoppage

By Yamkela Xhaso
13 January

A range of organizations in Cape Town including the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions , Anti-War Coalition, Anti-Eviction Campaign, Building Women's Activism, Al Quds Foundation, Workers International Vanguard League, Palestinians Solidarity Group, have called all Capetonians to stop working for two minutes to remember those Palestinians who died in Gaza conflict.

Shaheed Mohamed from the Workers International Vanguard League says this came up after a meeting was held yesterday with various organisations.

These organisations got together and made a call that because of the dire situation in Gaza there must be immediate action, said Mohamed.

“From today onwards we take the lead from the Norwegian Trade Unions which has called for two minutes for Gaza. We are asking everybody to stop working to pause for two minutes today at 11.30”

Shaheed said those who are in Cape Town should go to a corner of Adderly and Darling Street where they will form a human chain.

Mohamed says today it will be a two minute stoppage, the next day it will be four minutes and the following it will be six minutes.


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