Friday, January 23, 2009

Safety MEC’s strategy to fight gangsterism and drugs

By Yamkela Xhaso
23 January

Western Cape MEC for Community Safety Patrick McKenzie has come up with a strategy to fight gangs in the province. The MEC says gangsterism id the biggest pain in the township and biggest hurt to young people.

McKenzie says they are going to start a new divivsion in the office which would cater to bring down gangsterism. The unit will be based on three levels.

The first level will an investigative level which “will ensure that high flyers settled into court, that all the necessary documents is in place so that we do not unnecessary lose court cases”

The second one will be a social leg which will train young people and make them youth leaders “and then send them back in the community into community centres” so that after school activities for young people can begin, so that the young people can have a place to go to,”

The final one is to find jobs for the youngsters; the MEC says they will begin to talk to business so that they can be trained into jobs.

“So that our young people won’t turn to drugs and gangsterism because they don’t have a job,”


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