Friday, January 30, 2009

City accused of jumping the gun on Liquor Act

By Mishkah Anthony
30 January 2009

Finance, economic development and tourism MEC, Garth Strachan, has accused the City of Cape Town of creating confusion and unnecessary drama around the Western Cape Liquor Act.

Strachan says, the City has made an already difficult situation even worse by “jumping the gun” and proposing restrictive by-laws that will impact on business and tourism.

“The intention of the Liquor Act is to stop the abuse of alcohol and to ensure that the individuals who are not licensed to sell alcohol especially those who are associated to crime and drugs, are stopped to do so”

Strachan says the City’s by law will have a very negative on tourism and job creation. He says the targets can’t be Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Hotels and licensed Restaurants.

“I think the City should really rethink this by-law because, it is a very big danger to the tourism industry.”


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