Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black Sash urges teenagers to apply for grant

By Yamkela Xhaso
20 January

The Black Sash has urged 14-year-old who are in need of in need of financial support to apply for the Child Support Grant before the school year begins. Application for grants began on the first of January this year.

Ratula Beukman from Black Sash says legislations were passed last year that all children under the age of 15 will get extended grant money of R230.

She also added that parents should be aware of all those who are eligible to receive grant.

“What people must be aware of is that for every grant that exists in South Africa‘s social system, they can use alternative identification to be able to access this grant,”

“They do not need an official identity document”

Beukman says SASHA Agency for Development where one goes and applies for a grant will accept a sworn statement specifically testifying who the person is.

A person can also provide them with a school report or a clinic card with the trustworthy person’s contact details and name on it.

After the application is processed then the person can receive the grant.

“It is vital for people to know that because it is one of the laws that were passed last year”


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