Thursday, January 22, 2009

Premium tickets now available

By Sasha Forbes
22 January 2009

Yesterday ticket sales for the eagerly-awaited Premium Express opened to the public. Due to high demand and public interest, only monthly tickets will be sold initially.

It has been reported that only 252 tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis. This arrangement may be reviewed should the customer demand profile change.

“The Premium Express that comes on stream on February 2 is the forth business express train in the country and the second in the Western Cape.” said Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott

It is all about giving our customers a choice, so you now have Metro, where you will mostly find students, you find that generally your older people upgrade to MetroPlus which has got a different seating configuration and is a bit more spacious and then you got top of the range which is you Business Express where you have beautiful new inertia.” said Scott

Customers interested in booking tickets should first call (021) 449 2422 during business hours to reserve a ticket and tickets must their origin station on presentation of a positive identity Unclaimed tickets become eligible for re-sale after 48 hours. Ticket offices at stopping stations open at 05:30 until 18:30, according to the Metrorail press release.


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