Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WC government to tackle global warming

By Yamkela Xhaso
28 January

The Western Cape government has launched a climate change strategy with the aims of making the province’s energy usage climate – friendly.

This strategy aims that by the year 2014, 15 percent of energy will come from renewable resources. MEC Pierre Uys of the Department of Environment Affairs said the strategy approved by the government and cabinet.

Uys said he was acknowledged that the climate is indeed changing.

“Its not going to happen in the future, its happening now already”

The strategy focused on two aspects, mitigation and adaptation.

“In terms of mitigation we said we want to reduce the provincial carbon footprint”

A plan for this was put forward thus the energy efficiency where a 1000 solar water geysers are being in installed for in communities

“Looking at adaptation” said Uys, a programme has been put to look at the scarce water resources and involving communities in conversation and promoting biodiversity.


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