Monday, April 20, 2009

Drag racers caught in Eerste River

By Mikhaila Crowie
20 April 2009

The City of Cape Town’s Traffic Services department, held an operation on Thursday night in Eerste River, to ensure road safety and to curb illegal street racing.

The most concentrated areas were the Stellenbosch Arterial and Wesbank Main Road.

Chief Inspector for Traffic Services, Merle Lourens, said that when they arrived on the scene, an estimated 20 cars and 50 spectators were milling around.

The drivers scrambled to get to their vehicles, started performing and wheel-spinning.

In an attempt to get away, a number of vehicles also disregarded stop signs.

Fines were also issued on the night.

19 for disregarding the stop sign, 29 unlicensed drivers, 15 unlicensed vehicles, 19 for defective lights and 20 other defects to the value of R46 800.

Six motorists were also fined for not having number plates fitted to their cars.

Lourens said they are making every effort to rid the city of illegal racers.


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