Sunday, April 19, 2009

ID Election Campaign Ends

By Adiel Ismail
19 April

The Independent Democrats (ID) electioneering machine has drawn to a close in Delft in the Western Cape, today.

Scores of campaigners pitched-up in support of the ID, despite the cold and rainy weather covering the Cape skies.

ID Leader, Patricia De Lille’s speech focussed on an array of issues affecting the general populace.

The theme fuelling De Lille’s final rally was the overwhelming acceptance of the solutions proposed by the party.

“South Africans have responded overwhelmingly to our solutions,” said De Lille.

She also took a swipe at other political parties.

“During the elections many parties come up with promises that they cannot deliver on. Some make the same promises that they have been making for 15 years.”

The ID appealed to youth calling on all first-time voters to cast their ballot in order to have a say in the country.

The party is hopeful of a 3-4 percentage national turn-out at the electoral.


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