Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LOFOB encourages all blind people to vote

By Sasha Forbes
21 April 2009

The League of Friends of the Blind [LOFOB], a encourages all blind people to vote on Wednesday, April 22 as provision has been made to ensure a secret ballot is set out for blind people.

Executive Director for LOFOB, Philip Bam said that this is the first time that the ballot will be totally secret for people who are Braille literate.

“There will be a template for the national and provincial election. The Braille ballot from left to right will have a number, the abbreviation of the party's name, and raised dots leading to a small window where the voter makes his or her mark,” said LOFOB’s Philip Bam

“One in every four booths will be broader with a lower voting table and each queue at the polling stations will feed into an area where such a booth is available,” said Bam


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