Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Mystery fire flared up three times during one early morning.

Last Saturday morning a family of seven in Elsies River had three fires in different times and places in one home, the family nearly left homeless after a fire started in one of the bedrooms in their home. Mystery fire alleged blaze, Firefighters were called at 2am after a fire began in the first bedroom, Fire and Rescue Service reported at scene on time extinguished it. That morning another fire began in the second bedroom and for the third time fire was in the lounge. According to Daily Voice The fire department made sure the fire was out then suddenly found in a second bedroom and lounge, the family was not sure what caused the three times fire.
Fortunately, the were no injuries reported, the family claimed that they are unable to sleep in their home due to damages in the rooms and burnt roof. Also add that they cannot have electricity until their house is repaired
The City, Fire and Rescue Service suspected that the fire might be due to an electricity fault.

Edited by: Mandlenkosi Mde

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