Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Angry Delft people have brutally beaten a well-known skelm, beyond to death

At the time of report, According Daily Voice, Police in Delft area confirmed that a case of an attempted murder was opened after an alleged robber was caught and beaten up by whom to be believed were angry commuters, follows after a man of 32years known as Tens, ‘for always getting 10 out of 10 of victims’, caught trying to rob a resident on Saturday morning on their way to work.
Victim claims that was about to catch a taxi then saw Tens approaching, immediately screamed for help in advance. An aftermath video showed his half naked body, pants pulled down and bleeding from his face. Before he lost his consciousness, was chased by community members and attacked him with broomsticks then while laying down started pelting with bricks and stones and two big concrete slabs.
A resident was quoted, saying she and her children been robbed by Tens four times already she also added that the man has broken into the homes of many of her neighbours, residents says he does his robbery by blink of an eye and hide from them and Police. They believed that he is dead until someone threw water on him and he moved. Then police arrived afterwards
Sergeant: Noloyiso Rwexana who is the spokesperson confirmed the incident and that no arrests been made yet investigation was underway for an attempted murder. Victim was taken to a medical facility for treatment as alleged that has beaten by community

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